Östersund, the winter town, is beautifully framed by rolling mountains, large glaciers and the adventures of the mountainous world. Frösö Park Hotel is at a reasonable distance from all this, with a proximity to both the mountains and the town.

Östersund is a mecca for all winter enthusiasts, and exciting outdoor activities happen daily in the city. No matter who you are there are challenges to tackle to raise the pulse and enjoy a snow-covered landscape.


Our ski ambassadors Anna Haag and Emil Jönsson, who live a few kilometers from us, help to maintain our ski trails. Although we are on an island, it is a wonderful ski trip and glide along a landscape of snow-covered branches of spruce and pine with the mountains of Oviken in the distance.

The nature trail that goes up to Frösö Church and back again is about 5 km and a perfect excursion for the family – or for those who want a nice long trip of classic trails. Don’t forget to stop for a photo moment at the church, the view is magical!

The children’s track suits the little rider and is located right at the back of the hotel.

All our longitudinal tracks are drawn on natural snow which means that it is best to ask our reception about the current track status.


There is a total of 17 kilometers of plowed ice skating track on Storsjön wintertime. From the first of February to Easter, the season is usually up and running. Just below the hotel, the skating track ‘Medvinden’ passes on its way from central Östersund out to the bay of Kungsgården. Once you step on the track you have about nine kilometers into town and one kilometer out to the bay of Kungsgården. Keep track of the wind direction – tailwinds go fast – headwinds take time…

See more info here at the Winter Park website


In just 10 minutes by car from the hotel to Östersund’s own ski slopes, Ladängen and Gustavsbergsbacken. Here you will find equipment to rent and slopes to tackle, no matter whether you have never been to skiing before or are more experienced skiers.

Combine a few hours on the ski slope and then come to Frösö Park Spa – this is what we call a perfect winter day.

Read more about the slopes Gustavsbergsbacken and Ladängen


Winter and cold are no obstacle for a magical run. There are several benefits to venturing out into nature even during winter. Uneven and icy surface challenges the smallest muscles and you build foot strength and balance.

There are footpaths around the hotel, but also several gravel roads through beautiful winter scenery.

Let winter running become your free zone without stress.