At 1,200 square meters, the latest in modern Spa treatment is embodied together with local health traditions,
magnificent nature and of course Jämtland’s climate which is both demanding and seducing.
Discover all the spa experiences below.


Washing / Time: 10 min
It all starts in The Glade. It is your own space in the primeval forest. Stop in here and meet yourself. It is your time now and you have started a journey into your own well-being.

You can visit the natural glade that inspired us if you want. It is located in a wooded area a few kilometers from Frösö Park Spa.

Now gently awaken your skin as you feel the scent from the trees.


Steam sauna 42°C / Humidity: 100% / Time: 10-15 min
Hot and humid air meets cooler air. Suddenly the moisture becomes visible and becomes alive.

It takes place here in The Fog and also over the Lake Storsjön before the ice has settled for the winter.

The moisture softens the skin and opens the pores. It happens very carefully. You don’t have to do anything. Just sit down and enjoy.

The Fog takes care of you.


Foot bath 37°C / Time: 10 min
The Burrows are formed when flowing water causes one or more stones to rotate and grind a hole into the bedrock.

This is your own place for your feet. Finally, your feet are free from shoes and socks.

Here they get love and care in water that is constantly changed and purified. Just like in the naturally shaped burrows on the stone slabs at the famous waterfall “Ristafallet” in western Jämtland.


Caldarium 40°C / Time: 15 min
Always the same darkness. Always the same temperature. Seasonal changes are not noticeable in the underground. The contrast to the outside world is obvious.

This place is the sensation of the Coral Cave, a tranquil beauty which holds lots of stunning halls and rooms. The Coral Cave is Sweden’s longest cave and we propose that it is also Sweden’s most beautiful.

Here the changes take place very slowly. The stalactites grow a centimeter every thousand years. Adjust to that thought and feel calm.


Indoor pool 37°C
The dark water level of the tarn is an eye in the forest.

Reflections on the surface of what surrounds it, but maybe even reflections of yourself on the inside.

It can happen, when you treat yourself to sink into the stillness of the tarn, once you turn your eyes and thoughts inward for a while.


Outdoor pool 37°C
This water feature is part of the huge lake “Storsjön”, the blue jewel in the middle of Jämtland, which receives much of its water from the mountains.

Some of the water you bathe in comes from Sylarna, Jämtland’s most impressive mountain range. There, the river divides, and continues as “Indalsälven” into Sweden and “Nidälven” into Norway.

The water has traveled to the lake through magnificent mountains and miles of forests, and then used here after it has been cleaned with the latest technology.


Fresh air -30°C to 25°C / Time: As long as You like
Invisible obviously. But when you step out onto the terrace you recognise it. Air. Clean fresh air. The air that can almost make you dizzy.

It has mostly traveled from the west across the Atlantic, and the mountains, and been thoroughly cleansed on its way.

Feel the wind, the cold, the heat or whatever the outdoor environment offers today. No matter the weather and season, the air is always there for you. Take some deep breaths and enjoy.


Kneipp 12°C / 37°C / Time: At least 5 turns
To wade in water has been done in the Jämtland mountain area and the forest area since ancient times.

After the ice cold water, circulation increases and when the hot water comes creates a nice warmth in the feet and legs. It’s a long-lasting heat.

The wade is also a variation from Jämtland on the cold-hot baths invented by the Bavarian Sebastian Kneipp in the 19th century.


Dry sauna 80°C / Time: 10-15 min
The warm, welcoming meeting place beyond wifi, social media and constant connection. Here there will be meetings for real.

The Lichens invites with plenty of space and therefore a given gathering place.

Enjoy the warmth, togetherness, stories and scents of Jämtland.


Smoke sauna 60-65°C / Humidity: 30-40% / Time: 10-15 min
Glow and heat. The smell of smoke, wood and tar. The smoke is a sensation of the old-fashioned
smoke sauna.

It had no chimney, but it was fired on a bed of rocks so that the room was filled with smoke. Then the smoke was blown out and people crawled in and poured water on the hot rocks.

Then, as now, the room is filled with a nice steam and a gentle heat that opens the pores further and pulls out the cleansing sweat to the max.


Cold bath 12 ° C / Time: at least 1 min
Contrasts arouse and revitalise. First heat and then ice cold water that encloses each pore. Stay as long as you can. Feel the body slowly but surely getting used to it.

If you are really still, the water closest to the skin will warm up enough so you feel a clear difference of the still water surrounding you compared to the water that is stirred up once you start moving.

Try. You dare to. And immerse your head.


The fire gives sensations of your origin. The flames strike an ancient tone on your insides.

It is a sound from the first fires at the Stone Age man’s simple settlements. As strong then as it is now.

Fire, flames and glow. Heat, light and community. Rest and sanctuary. You have reached the final destination.

We hope that you not only got the sensations of Jämtland, but also of well-being and revitalising that goes deep and embraces your whole being.